Storytelling for Kids - read illustrate and create

4-8 years

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An award winning story telling app, that focuses on l

Whole Language” approach, where the emphasis lies on learning to read by writing. Telling the child a story and then letting it retell the story using pictures improve the child’s vocabulary and understanding of the language. Spelling, reading and writing skills will all improve by the act of retelling stories.

Teaches children English by combining education, entertainment and creativity, focusses on learning to read by writing and telling a story. 

Helps With

Engaging in Reading, Reading, Writing, Phonics, Comprehension

The Good Stuff

Great Graphics, Engaging, Makes the topic interesting for kids

The Bad Stuff

Its not free, this is a free app, you will have to pay for other stories via in app purchase for each. But worthwhile. We'd like to see an unlock all purchase option. 


By selecting one of 160 preset pictures you get to create the story.

  • • Suitable for pre-schoolers, primary/elementary school students age 5-9
  • • Developed with teachers utilising the whole language approach
  • • Available in English and 10 other languages

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miles marshall

great app!

5 years ago

miles marshall

really good fun ... allows your kids to think and create

5 years ago