Lightbot - Hour of Code

5-10 years

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Get kids programming in the most fun way, by playing an actual game! An intro to the great Lightbot series. Learn about coding the fun way. 

Light-bot for Hour of Code is meant to introduce kids who have no experience whatsoever programming, and is all-ages friendly! That means anyone anywhere from 4 onwards can play, have fun and learn real programming logic!

Helps With 

Intro to coding, Logic, Problems solving, congnative development 

The Good Stuff 

Great concept, Graphics, engaging and fun

The Bad Stuff

The is a free intro - they will want you to pay for some of the lightbot series - well worth it with think. 

Light-bot is a programming puzzle game: a puzzle game that uses game mechanics that are firmly rooted in programming concepts. Light-bot lets players gain a practical understanding of basic control-flow concepts like instruction sequencing, procedures and loops, just by guiding a robot with commands to light up tiles and solve levels.

Teachers worldwide are choosing Light-bot first when first introducing their students to programming.

Light-bot - Hour of Code features 18 levels and is suitable to play for players of any age. The full version of Light-bot features 40 levels for when you want more of a challenge!

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