IXL Maths Practice

3-11 years

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The most comprehensive list of maths practice questions there is. A complete teaching aid. 

Helps With 

All Maths, from early stage counting and numbers all the way through to 11+ and beyond.

The Good Stuff

Amazing learning tool, comprehensive list of questions and answers on every maths topic.  

The Bad Stuff

The app is free but they do want you to sign up to the site which is a subscription montly payment. You can use the app for free if you want.   This is a great teaching aid but more school than fun. 


  • - Comprehensive coverage of reception to year 10 maths curriculum
  • - Wide variety of question types to engage students
  • - Virtual prizes to celebrate learning milestones
  • - Insightful reporting on all app practice at IXL.com
  • - Over 8 billion questions served at IXL.com 

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