Frozen - Read Along

3-7 years

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Free for a short time . 4 April 2014

Anything that gets kids reading is a good thing in our eyes even if they need to leverage the Disney princesses of Frozen. 

Helps With 

Reading, Phonics, Words, Confidence

The good Stuff

Engaging story, fun, 

The Bad stuff

Aimed clearly at lovers of the frozen brand already. You'll know already if this is their thing or not.  Don't try to convert them ! 


When the kingdom she loves is trapped in an eternal winter, it is up to Anna and the daring mountain man Kristoff to set out on an adventure filled with danger, magical creatures and a hilarious snowman in order to find her sister, the Snow Queen. Based on the Disney film, Frozen, this enhanced storybook features thrilling sound effects, word-for-word narration, and original movie voices.

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