Easy Blogger Jnr

4-12 years

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Want to help your kids get creative, these fun blogging tool lets kids as young as 4 have their own voice. Blogging has never been so easy or so fun. 

Helps With

Language, creativity, phonics writing and sentence structure

The Good Stuff

A great tool, allows your kids to focus on being creative and not how to.. 

The Bad Stuff

Younger kids may need more structure

Easy Blogger Jr is the easiest blogger uploader available. Designed by teachers for early childhood and elementary classes, its simple interface ensures that children as young as 4 are able to easily post photos, video and voice-over-photos to Blogger. Older users can also publish text based posts. 

Key features: 

  • - Create and post photo, video or text 
  • - Designed for shared iPads 
  • - No reading or writing required 
  • - Record voice-over photo 
  • - Dyslexia friendly font 
  • - Young user friendly interface 
  • - Easy teacher setup 
  • - Audio prompts and guide 
  • - Simple, intuitive steps 
  • - Custom designed camera 
  • - Left and right hand option

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