Alphabet of Dinosaurs - Smithsonian Alphabet Books

5-8 years

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Want to know everything about dinosaurs.. who wouldn't?  This is a great place to start.  Find 19 of the most popular dinosaurs in this storybook app crammed with great educational value. If your little angel thinks they are the next Indiana Jones  or Dora the Explorer this is for them. 

Helps With

Intro to Biology and Dinosaurs,  

The Good Stuff 

Great Educational value, crammed full of facts and info, and beautifully illustrated and put together.

The Bad Stuff 

Static pages, this isn't interactive, this is a book that will delight those that love dinosaurs, but it's not an interactive experience that sucks you in


Three reading modes. 19 dinosaurs as well as a host of other infos. A must have in our eyes. Great professional natation.

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