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Here at CleverKidsApps we're passionate about education. Every app we feature has an educational benefit, that's the only rule we have.

Step 1 - Sign-up online

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Step 3 - Let us do the hard work!

It really is that easy!

Of course you can also check the website and search for apps by filtering by Category, Age Range or Device. However, the beauty of CleverKidsApps is that if you're too busy to check in we'll send you updates and recommendations straight to your e-mail for you to browse at your convenience. Lets be honest, who isn't busy enough with kids running around!

We make learning fun!

The App revolution has thrown up so much possibility, touch screens are so intuitive for children, they make information fun, and have changed the way children learn forever. The problem is often that there is too much choice... how do you find the right apps for your kids?

That's where CleverKidsApps come in, we help you find the right apps for EACH of your kids. The right apps for their age group and interests, even for subjects they might need a little coaching in. Whether they're 18 months or 7 years old, we'll find you the right apps for them!

Putting Parents, Education and Fun together in one place.

The CKA Team

Alex Bogdanovski

Alex has been involved in writing and animation for a long time. When tablets first arrived Alex got very excited about how much more you could now do with stories, in fact how learning would be changed forever. Alex is just having his first child, and can't wait to help him or her navigate the wonderful digital world of learning, and of course wipe all the dribble off the iPad too!

Miles Marshall

Miles has been in and about the Tech world longer than most of us have done anything. With two VERY active boys, Miles is tester in chief – if an APP can keep his turbo-charged boys engaged – we think it's got a good chance of meeting the CleverKidsApps standards. Miles' boys are 2 and 5 and soon you'll be able to follow the Apps they love.

Nicola Louw

Nicola is the one that keeps the boys in check. A great graphic designer, and a brilliant developer in her own right, she makes sure that CleverKidsApps has the woman's touch that it needs. Nicola is always looking at ways to make the site and the App better for you and your kids.

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